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Parivash Navazesh Simzar writes to connect with others on a deeper level- to help them see what it means to be an immigrant, to paint a picture of her home country, Iran, and to take others by the hand and into the adventures of her past. She was born in the city Shiraz, and has always been a natural story teller.
Her writing illuminates the tales of her life journey as well the tales of others she has met along the way. She believes in the power of reading and writes her stories to provide readers a welcome escape from reality, a sanctuary from the distractions of everyday life, drawing them into the world of her fictional characters.

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Parastoohaye Sange

A collection of short stories in Farsi
Around me, all the small and large creatures are running away. I cannot breathe.
I also run away. I push back the droplets. They are not afraid of the shadow.
I go toward the seaweed and moss. They embrace me with their delicate,
colorful and leafy stems.
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Parivash Navazesh Simzar

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